Advancing Mass Timber in B.C.

Date: Wednesday, May 18

Time: 8:30am – 10:00am

Education Stream: Building

Location: Songhees Suite

Presentation provided by: Office of Mass Timber Implementation (OMTI)

Presentation Title: Advancing Mass Timber in B.C.

Presentation Description:

An introduction to a few key areas where OMTI is active, including questions and discussion on how these impact and are impacted by the Building Official community.

1. Office of Mass Timber Implementation
2. Mass Timber Action Plan
3. Mass Timber in Building Codes
4. Demonstrating Mass Timber in Action
5. Advancing Local Solutions to Mass Timber Barriers
6. Preparing a Mass Timber Workforce
7. Mass Timber for a Sustainable, Low-Carbon Future

Presenter: Lee Nicol

Presenter’s Bio: Lee Nicol is the Director of Partnerships and Engagement in the Office of Mass Timber Implementation in the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. She joined the BC Public Service in the Building and Safety Standards Branch over eight years ago. There she worked on updates to the building regulatory system and climate initiatives as Acting Director of Policy and Code Development, before moving to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as Director of Planning and Land Use Management. Lee has an academic and professional background in engineering, land use planning and public administration. Previously, she worked and studied in BC and Switzerland in the areas of land use planning, and community and housing sustainability.