BC Building Code Update: New Mass Timber Provisions and Technical Bulletins

Revision 1 to the BC Building Code 2024 and BC Fire Code 2024 was published on April 10, 2024. The revisions expand permissions for encapsulated mass timber construction (EMTC).

The BC Building Code changes:

  • Enable taller EMTC buildings, up to 18 storeys for residential and office buildings from the previous 12-storey limit,
  • Add new EMTC building types – including schools, community centres, care facilities, retail, and light- and medium-hazard industrial in addition to residential and office buildings, and
  • Change encapsulation requirements, allowing for more mass timber to be exposed depending on a building’s height and use.

Changes to the BC Fire Code add new options for course of construction fire protection in EMTC buildings.

The code changes are in force now. You can read more about them on BC Gov News and access Revision 1 of both the BC Building Code and BC Fire Code on the Errata & Revisions page of the Building Codes and Standards website.

Additionally, new Technical Bulletins for BC Building Code 2024 have been published and you can expect to find more added as they are finalized.

The Association is featuring a Mass Timber Updates breakout session as part of the upcoming conference. View the session time and the complete draft agenda on the Conference Webpage.