BOABC Annual Membership Dues Information

The Association would like to provide members and local authorities with the following information about 2023 invoices for annual Association membership dues.

Each member will receive an invoice by email in early April 2023. The payment due date will be April 30, 2023.

Members should ensure that their contact information in the member portal is up-to-date and correct.

In cases where a local authority would like to pay membership dues for all of its employees, an authorized representative of the local authority should:

  • ensure that all qualified officials currently employed by the local authority are included in the online registry of qualified officials on the Association website;
  • contact the Association before April 1, 2023, to request a single invoice for all Association members that they employ;
  • complete and submit your electronic payment form to the Association at
  • coordinate payment with their employees to ensure that duplicate payments are not submitted.

An individual must be a member of the Association in good standing to become or remain qualified under the Building Act.

If you have any questions, please contact the Association at