Brian Marcell

Brian Marcell recently moved to Vancouver Island from Ontario, his dedication to support the regulatory provincial standards is supported by his passion for industry knowledge. Brian graduated with an honours Architectural Design Diploma and successfully completed his accreditation as an Architectural Technologist in 1995. Brian also holds trade qualification as a carpenter, plumber and registered R2000 builder.

He has worked in the capacity of a Chief Building Official for nearly 35 years. He earned the Certified Building Code Official (CBCO) designation in 1994 and was involved with the local chapter of the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) for many years. His experience and qualifications supported his application for Level Three – Building, and Level Two – Plumbing interprovincial qualifications and RBO designation.

Brian now works for the City of Campbell River, executing the role of Building Services Supervisor. With a passion to share his experience and offer alternative perspectives he has aligned his goals to include the volunteer hours assisting with the future endeavours of the BOABC.

“It’s important that as a professional body we provide consistent interpretations that will build trust and rapport with the building community. Working together, I believe we can help stakeholders understand the reasons the regulations have evolved to where they are today.”

Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, biking, golf, art and all aspects of wood working.