Cascadia Windows & Doors: Expanding the Use of Combustible Windows in Non-Combustible Construction and Hitting Higher Energy Step Code Levels

Presentation Summary:

Many building officials are aware of an ongoing NRCan study to develop the science to support a code change permitting expanded use of combustible windows in non-combustible construction.  This will enable our construction industry to safely use – and gain the increased energy efficiency benefits – of combustible windows in non-combustible construction.

This science-based proposed code change comes at an excellent time – when jurisdictions across BC are adopting the BC Energy Step Code.  The relatively low energy efficiency of common metal windows in non-combustible buildings is creating a new barrier to achieving the needed whole-build energy performance for code-compliance with new Energy Step Code levels.  Improved and newly available fenestration products – coupled with their expanding use – are being used to achieve the new, stricter energy performance targets, while maintaining design team’s (and owners) desired glazing areas.

Presenter: Michael Bousfield Biography, Technical Director of Cascadia Windows & Doors

Michael Bousfield is one of the most well-versed technologists in fiberglass window and door technology in BC.

In 2005, Michael attended BCIT to prepare for a career shift from logistics to architecture and building engineering. Two years later, he entered the full-time BCIT program of Architecture & Building Engineering Technology, specializing in Building Science. He completed this program with honours, and was awarded BCBEC/BCIT Building Science Award for his academic achievements.

During his studies at BCIT, Michael also worked for RDH Building Engineering as a building science technologist. He performed forensic investigations into building enclosure failures, designed rehabilitation programs, and performed field review and testing for large-scale new and rehabilitation construction projects.

In 2009, Michael pursued the opportunity to focus his technical knowledge and experience in building science to a specific sector of the industry – windows. He is now the Technical Director of Cascadia Windows and Doors. At Cascadia, Michael blends two distinct roles – marketing, and technical development.

The blend of these roles allows Michael to serve clients and consultants in a technical support role, and also to serve Cascadia’s own team by directing internal technical development, testing, and engineering.