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Fiberglass: Simple & Cost Effective Solutions to Energy Code Requirements + Introducing the World’s First Fiberglass Window Wall

Today, most existing – even modern – buildings have surprisingly low thermal performance from their building envelope.  This increases the ever-growing, and unnecessary strain on the environment and our society’s energy infrastructure.  LEARN MORE


Wed, Nov 4 @ 12pm PST (3pm EST)

Wed, Dec 2 @ 9am PST (12pm EST)

Effective Thermal Performance of the Building Enclosure – Exterior Walls

Today, new buildings must meet the BC Step Code, ASHRAE 90.1 or National Energy Code for Buildings’ requirements for thermal performance. This is a tough objective, since documented proof is required. Effective R-values must be met, not just nominal values, which means that high conductivity materials that cause thermal bridges must be considered in the modelling and calculations.   LEARN MORE


Tue, Nov 10 @ 12pm (3pm EST)

Navigating Emerging Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS)

This presentation explores a more comprehensive and integrated approach to envelope and fenestration energy performance, with a focus on ways to cost-optimize energy-efficiency at a whole-building scale. Reviewing the BC Step Code & the Seattle Energy Code-2018, this presentation demonstrates how a ‘building-envelope-first’ design approach can help meet emerging BEPS and control costs. LEARN MORE


Tue. Nov 24 @ 9am PST (12pm EST)

Combustible Windows & Façade Components in Non-Combustible Construction – Testing, Research, and Expanding Methods

We desperately need better energy efficiency from building enclosures, from both windows and insulated wall assemblies.  Today, the best products and components to enable this are generally made from low conductivity materials. Most of these materials also happen to be combustible—at least, to some extent. LEARN MORE


Wed, Nov 18 @ 9am PST (12pm EST)

These webinars are all worth BOABC CPD points – Category A4 – 1 point per hour

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