Catherine Ernst

Catherine’s fascination with building started at an early age. She was a bit of tomboy as a kid and used to enjoy creating her own site layouts for Cowboys and Indians. Catherine designed her own Barbie houses and was quite creative with Lego (her paddle wheeler even made the Lego magazine). She took drafting as an elective in high school and her passion for building grew. Cahterine’s high school drafting teacher encouraged her to follow that passion and even gave her a letter of reference for graduation. She took her first year of Civil Engineering in Kelowna but then needed to go back to work to afford to further that education. She went to work for a plumbing & heating wholesaler and developed an interest in mechanical systems. Catherine was working full time and going to school at night when her life took an interesting turn and she became a mom. She took a short break to welcome her son into the world in 1993 and then returned to work as a mechanical systems designer for a modular building company. After being laid off in the spring of 1998, Catherine moved to Cranbrook in the fall of 1998. She worked as a steel estimator until she welcomed her daughter into the world in 2000. She was able to work from home as a residential and commercial building designer until she went to work for the City of Cranbrook as a development clerk in the spring of 2010. Catherine is now the Engineering Clerk/Assistant Approving Officer for the City.

Catherine’s employment with the City introduced her to the world of building inspectors and the BOABC. She knew she had found a home where her collective experience could be put to use. She became a member of the Association shortly after being hired by the City and received her Level 1 Certification in Building in 2012 and Level 1 Certification in Plumbing in 2013. Catherine is looking forward to taking her Level 2 exams this winter and working towards her Level 3 starting in 2019. She  became the Zone Director for the Kootenays in 2014 and says she was blessed to have a supportive zone as she learned the ropes. Recently in 2018, Catherine accepted the role as BOABC Secretary and is thrilled to continue being an active member of the Executive Committee. Catherine is very passionate about the Association and looks forward to continuing with her involvement.