Course Advising Service

A new Course Advising service is now available to learners registered in an Association course. Should a learner require study help in relation to the course content or have code-related questions, a course advisor will be available to assist with this.

One-on-one appointments with an advisor are available for a fee. Packages may be purchased at the time of course registration, or at a later date as needed, through the Login Portal. For those not currently enrolled in a BOABC course, the ‘Course Advisor’ option will not become available in the portal area.

Once a package has been purchased, learners will gain access to a list of available advisors, the subject area in which they can assist, and each advisor’s availability via the advisor’s booking link.

The prices for advising sessions are as follows and are subject to the Refund Policy 4.18 as posted on the BOABC website:

Package Cost
1 session – 30 minutes $30.00
2 sessions – 2 x 30 minutes $60.00
3 sessions – 3 x 30 minutes $80.00
4 sessions – 4 x 30 minutes $110.00