CPD Information Bulletin

Who Needs to obtain CPD Points?

Every member who is qualified or certified must obtain the required CPD points to maintain the Provincial Qualification (after passing the required exams at each level as per the Building Act), and the BOABC Certification.

Why Are the Qualified Members required to obtain CPD point?

In order to remain qualified on or after February 28, 2021, the qualified members are required to obtain CPD points as per the BOABC’s CPD program.
Building Act requirements as of February 28, 2021 are as follows:

Building and plumbing officials who work for a local government will have to:
• Pass exams according to the level of their responsibilities (class and scope of practice)
• Be entered in the register of qualified building officials
• Pay an annual administrative fee
• Submit an annual report
• Undertake annual continuing professional development (CPD)

For further information related to the requirements under the Building Act a link has been provided:

Click here: Building Official Qualifications

Are the CPD requirements different for Qualified or Certified members?

No, both the qualified and certified members are required to obtain the same number of points.

Where can I get more information about CPD?

Here are the links to CPD related polices:

Policy 1.2 – Certification Maintenance
Policy 1.3 – Certificate and Title Use Application
Policy 1.7 – Revocation of a Certificate or Title
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program

Where can I get CPD points?

BOABC offers various live and pre-recorded webinars, please visit BOABC website at https://boabc.org/.