CPD Offering – Navigating Emerging Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS)

Presentation Topic: Navigating Emerging Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS)

Dates: October 26, November 30

Time: varies by date

Registration Fee: No Charge


CPD Eligibility: 1 point – Category A4

Presentation Overview:

More and more jurisdictions are implementing Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) to help address the poor energy efficiency of buildings—a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy consumption. While some of these new standards may seem restrictive or simply adding costs, many in fact offer increased design flexibility. But to capitalize on the opportunity, it requires a change in design thinking. This presentation explores a more comprehensive and integrated approach to envelope and fenestration energy performance, with a focus on ways to cost-optimize energy-efficiency at a whole-building scale. Through a review of the BC Step Code & the Seattle Energy Code-2018, this presentation will demonstrate how a ‘building-envelope-first’ design approach can help meet emerging BEPS as well as offset costs associated with high-performance materials.


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Cascadia Windows & Doors is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer, creating high-performance fiberglass windows, doors and cladding support systems. Included in some of the most exciting and award-winning construction projects across North America, Cascadia’s goal is to help revolutionize the energy-efficiency of modern buildings and drive the adoption of high-performance building products.

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Lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design.

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Excellence | Innovation | Sustainability | Efficiency | Integrity | Education

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