CPD Opportunity – Modular Construction Projects – Delivery, Certification, Approvals Processes Course

Modular construction is rapidly gaining recognition across Canada as a faster and more efficient way to build.

It is a construction project delivery process that involves the planning, design, plant fabrication, delivery, and installation of multiple three-dimensional modules. Once assembled at the project site, the modules form a complete building or a part of a building.

This course highlights the differences between modular and conventional building processes and provides an overview of the CSA Group standards that are applicable to modular construction.

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the differences between modular construction and conventional buildings.
  • Explain the relationships between the modular design, construction, and installation processes and how the processes impact the various project parties.
  • Outline the role of the authority having jurisdiction/building inspectors off site and on site.
  • List the key factors in the pre-construction and planning phases of a project.
  • Identify the main aspects of module fabrication and certification in an off-site factory.
  • Describe post-fabrication phase processes, considerations, and best practices to address them.

Provider: Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

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Cost: Free

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CPD Eligibility: 5 CPD points per course under category A3 (you will need to self-report these points)