FREE Webinar: Building Enclosure & Airtightness Solutions April 22 @ 9-11am PST

Upcoming Webinar Series

BC building codes are evolving, and we want you know how to benefit.

April through June, Community Energy Association will be offering multiple sessions of the following   FREE   webinars for builders, designers, HVAC professionals and more. All dates are now listed at   and registration is open  for the first sessions. Session recordings are also able on the BAL website (the first Working with an energy advisor recording is there now).

FREE Webinar:

Building Enclosure & Airtightness Solutions

April 22 @ 9-11am PST

A visual tour of what the Energy Step Code will look like and the changes needed for success with low-TEDI and airtight building enclosures for both the Lower Steps and Upper Steps.

Approved by BOABC for 2.0 CPD points

Participants must pre-register here.

• Alex Hebert, ZEBLC Manager, P Eng, MBA, Energy Step Code Trainer
• James Bourget, BCIT Instructor, Principal – RDH Building Science, Certified Passive House Tradesperson

9:00-9:20 CEA Introduction to the BC Energy Step Code
9:20-10:55 BCIT Filmed live from ZEBLC’s High Performance Building Lab, expert instructors will give you a visual tour of:
• 6 things to know about the BC Energy Step Code
• What an Energy Step Code home looks like
• Achieving airtightness – What does this mean for a builder and trades?
• Improved thermal performance enclosures – What are the choices and challenges?
• Smaller and more efficient mechanical systems for airtight buildings – What to expect
• Q&A: Ask the Experts
10:55 – 11:00 CEA feedback poll & closing remarks

Future Dates:
May 20: 9-11am PST
June 17: 9-11am PST