News from the BSSB – Updated Part 9 Energy Compliance Reports Now Available

Important news for our BOABC members from the BSSB:

Dear BC Building Code User:

The BC Energy Compliance Reports (Performance Paths for Part 9 Buildings) provide a standardized report template for Part 9 buildings complying with Subsection 9.36.5. or 9.36.6. of the BC Building Code.

An updated version of the reports, for use with BC Building Code 2018, is now available. The updated version provides guidance for how to model and test attached ground-oriented residential buildings that are not considered multi-unit residential buildings under the EnerGuide Rating System. These include semi-detached and attached buildings such as side-by-side duplexes, triplexes, townhomes and row homes. The updated version includes a calculator and instruction manual; the Pre-Construction and As-Built reports are automatically generated by the calculator. Apart from the new guidance, the calculator contains the same metrics as the existing version of the BC Building Code 2018 Energy Compliance Reports.

The updated version of the BCBC 2018 reports should now be used; however, the original BCBC 2018 version of the reports may continue to be used if they were started for a project prior to the updated version becoming available. Those building to BC Building Code 2012 should continue to use the BCBC 2012 version of the reports.

All versions of the reports are available on the BC Energy Step Code website at

More information about the BC Energy Compliance Reports for Part 9 Buildings is available in Technical Bulletin B18-03, published by the Building and Safety Standards Branch.

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Zachary May
Acting Executive Director
Building Safety and Standards Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing