Awards & Recognition

BOABC  Awards are presented for distinguished services in fulfilling the objectives of the Building Officials Association of British Columbia.

Service Award for Recognition

A resolution adopted by the membership at the 2000 BOABC – AGM held in Richmond on April 18, 2000 that: “Two service awards be founded in honour of two members that had dedicated their lives to the association:

  • Casey van den Broek
  • Jim Robison

The two awards are not annual awards; rather, they are honours presented when notable achievement on behalf of the Association warrants exceptional recognition.

Casey van den Broek Award

The Casey van den Broek Award is presented to a member of the association for continued leadership of and service to building safety and code education field. Casey van den Broek was recognized throughout the building industry for his continued efforts in building code work and as an educator. Active in all phases of BOABC proceedings, Mr. van den Broek served as the President of the association during 1991/92. The award in his honour is presented to a member of the association whose continuing service to building safety and code education deserves distinctive recognition.

Jim Robison Award

The Jim Robison Award, established in 2000 in honour of the man who was recognized as one of BOABC’s outstanding leaders. Mr. Robison served the Association with distinction and he was elected President in 1967/68. The award in his name honours a member of the association or a member of the building industry for significant contributions to the code development activities and goals of the Association.

Recognition and Award Committee

The Recognition and Award Committee is responsible to review and select candidates for annual awards from nominations and selection processes.

Chair: Vice-president, Membership Services

Vice-president, Certification
Vice-president, Education
Past President (1) – nominated by Executive
Member from Industry (Associate I or II) (1) – nominated by Executive

Committee appointment made by Executive


Recognition and Award – Nomination and Selection Procedure

The Casey van den Broek and Jim Robison Awards are given for distinguished service in fulfilling the objectives of the Association.

Nominations for the annual awards must be submitted on or before March 1 of every year for the consideration of awards to be presented at the Annual BOABC Education and AGM Conference in April/May of the same year.

Membership participation is essential to the selection process. A nomination must be in writing, recommended by one member and endorsed by two members. Information on the background and achievements of candidates should be emailed to the attention of the BOABC Executive Director before the March 1 deadline. All information on the nomination shall be treated in strict confidence.

BOABC Volunteer Acknowledgement

The BOABC recognizes the following volunteers, that have over the years, consistently given of their time towards the BOABC, above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you all for your hard work, the Association would not be where it is today without your efforts.  Those volunteers are:

Arnold Rasmussen
John Fata
John Chace
Daryl Birtch
Bill Duncan
Dave Magnusson
Steve Gertsman
Keith Skinner
Greg Clarke
Ted Blackall
Walter Ball
Rob Belsham
Bob Rush
Bob Light
Peter Sweeney
Rick Bortolussi
Fred Kade
Howard Grissack
Jack Robertson
Toby Seward
Doug Stanbrook
Soren Agren
Dave Jackson
Patrick Shek
Ric McWilliam
Tom Higgins
Ron Dickinson
Roy Thomassen
Jim Weber
Pieter Den Uyl
Dan Mulligan
Barry Chickloski