Tall Wood Buildings


Tall Wood Buildings – Provincial Early Adoption Initiative

The next 2020 National Building Code is set to include encapsulated mass timber as a new construction type, and will allow its use in Residential and Business and Personal Service buildings up to twelve storeys in height. In the spirit of innovation, the Province has embarked on an initiative which will allow local governments who express interest and meet eligibility criteria, to adopt the encapsulated mass timber provisions two to three years before the rest of the Province.

This session will provide a rundown on the evolution of the regulatory approach that will be used to enable this new initiative, along with an explanation of encapsulated mass timber and details on what structures can be built under this new upcoming regulation. The talk will also provide an overview of the key aspects of this initiative including information on what it takes to opt-in to this voluntary jurisdiction-specific regulation. A question and answer period will follow, allowing for broader engagement and discussion.

Presenter: Jarrett Hutchinson

Presenter Biography:

Jarrett Hutchinson is the Director of Building Policy in the Building and Safety Standards Branch of the Office of Housing and Construction Standards within the Province of B.C. Throughout his career, Jarrett has actively worked with the development, application and enforcement of codes, standards and policies at municipal, provincial and national levels.