The Professional Governance Act – How does this impact the permitting process

On April 29, 2021, Engineers and Geoscientists BC distributed information to municipalities and regional districts about new legislative requirements from the Professional Governance Act  (PGA) that affect the practice of engineering and geoscience.

The PGA has introduced the requirement for Engineers and Geoscientists BC to regulate entities in the public and private sector that engage in the practice of professional engineering or geoscience.  Starting July 2, 2021, firms that engage in the practice of professional engineering or geoscience will be required to register with Engineers and Geoscientists BC and hold a Permit to Practice.

Building Officials need to be aware of this change and how it impacts the permitting process.  Beginning October 1, 2021, Professional Engineers are required to provide their firm’s Permit to Practice number (a seven digit number) with permit applications to provide proof  of registration with Engineers and Geoscientists BC.  Local authorities may wish to review building bylaws, application forms, and administrative processes to ensure consistency with these new requirements.

General information and background on this regulation can be found in this document prepared by Engineers and Geoscientists BC , at the website, or by contacting Engineers and Geoscientists BC directly at or 604-430-8035.