Topic: Part 3 and Part 7 Inspections

Date: Monday, May 16

Time: 2:45pm – 4:15pm

Education Stream: Plumbing

Location: Executive Boardroom

Presentation provided by: Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Presentation Title: Topic: Part 3 and Part 7 Inspections

Presentation Description:

Understanding fire stop systems
UL ratings and classes for different applications
Floor penetrations in fire separations and fire rated assemblies
Fire stop system inspection
Combustible piping materials in non-combustible construction
Use of mixed piping in non-combustible construction
Minor combustible components used in non-combustible construction
Water temperature control and inspection challenges
Inspecting water pressure reducing valves
Thermal expansion – Relief vs Thermal Expansion Relief Valves
Mechanical Joints and thrust restraints on DWV pipes
DWV testing and inspection

Presenter: Mannan Mohammed

Presenter’s Bio:

Mannan is a licensed professional engineer and currently the Engineering Director at Reliance Worldwide Corporation, manufacture of brands such as Cash Acme, SharkBite, and HoldRite. Mannan actively participates in various plumbing industry forums and advisory councils. He currently serves as a member of ANSI/CSA joint technical sub-committee on Standards for Gas Fired Water Heaters, CSA B125 technical committee, CSA B137 technical committee, CSA B64/B356 technical committee, and has actively worked on development of various standards in the capacity of a working group member. In the past, he served as a member of ASSE seal control board.