BC Housing: “New Homes & the Homeowner Protection Act: Partnerships that Enhance Consumer Protection”

Presentation Summary:

Building Permit Issuing Authorities (BPIAs) are valued partners who work in collaboration with BC Housing to enhance consumer protection and confidence for new home buyers. BC Housing has developed a new guide for BPIAs to verify New Home Registration and an online system – the Local Governments Portal – to assist with the coordination of building permit and registration information sharing. This session highlights the benefits of using the Local Governments Portal and key requirements under the Homeowner Protection Act. Learn important steps that BPIAs need to take when reviewing New Home Registration Forms before issuing a building permit for residential construction in British Columbia.

Presenter: Anthony Garcia Biography

Anthony Garcia is the Deputy Registrar of Compliance for the Licensing & Consumer Services branch of BC Housing. He has served in this senior position since July 2015. Prior to this role, Anthony was a Compliance Officer responsible for the Lower Mainland region.  Since then, Anthony has served in various management positions with province-wide oversight including as Senior Manager, Compliance.

Presenter: Tyler Smith Biography

Tyler Smith is BC Housing’s Manager Registration and Consumer Services. Tyler has served in various management positions with the Licensing and Consumer Services branch to support BC Housing’s mandated regulatory functions under the Homeowner Protection Act. Passionate about his current consumer protection role, Tyler works to enhance public education and awareness related to registration and home warranty insurance coverage for new homes. He also plays a key role supporting initiatives that improve the quality of residential construction throughout the province.