Exam Information

PRONTO is an industry-leading, secure online exam delivery service.

All exams are on demand and cannot be booked for future dates. PRONTO is available 24/7 and you will be provided your results immediately upon exam completion.

You will require a computer, a webcam, a scrollable mouse, internet & GUARDIAN SECURE as your browser to take these exams.  The recommended minimum screen resolution is 1280 x 1024. Secondary Monitors are not permitted.

It is recommended to ‘test your system’ by clicking here prior to booking an exam.

Please Note: Access to the Electronic Version of the BCBC (Building Code) is NOT permitted.  With the exception of the International Code Council PRONTO website, all other programs and applications must be closed.



Identity Verification

Capture ID

The test-taker follows on-screen instructions during the pre-check process. The pre-check process is fully automated. The test-taker responds to a series of automated instructions asking them to furnish a valid government ID and captures a photo of themselves and their government-issued ID using their webcam. The precheck process for capturing the ID is the same for all solutions.

Facial Recognition

ProctorU utilizes facial recognition to confirm the candidate present matches the photo ID and any photos on file. A percentage match is provided as confirmation to the proctor, who will see the photo appear in the reservations.

Manual Confirmation

The proctor also manually confirms that the correct test-taker is present. If unable to confirm their identity, the proctor will request that the test-taker reschedule if their identity cannot be confidently confirmed.

Secure the testing environment

When the proctor has authenticated the test-taker, the proctor will secure the testing environment. The proctor will instruct the test-taker to use the webcam and slowly rotate the camera to face each of four walls and the top of the workspace, stopping for a moment at each. The proctor will ask that all unpermitted resources be removed, including a cell phone, which must be positioned out of reach and the location viewed by the proctor. All permitted resources are inspected front and back and moved so as to show nothing is hidden. Test-takers are asked to remove headphone, sunglasses, and headwear that is not medical or religious in nature. Accouterments such as desk lamps, and framed photos are inspected and may remain in the space; however, all electronic devices within the room, including radios, TVs, and additional computer monitors must be off. Any person in the testing space must be asked to leave, and doors to the room are to be shut.

Securing the Virtual Environment

Proctors check test-taker computers to verify there is no screen capturing programs active, duplicate monitors, or software that could run in the background. Proctors also disable Mac and Windows built-in screenshot hotkeys function. Prior to the exam start, the proctor will run a proprietary script as part of securing the virtual environment. The script will detect unpermitted resources and force them to close if the security restrictions are not engaged through the exam setup. This includes virtual machines, secondary monitors, and unpermitted software. The proctor can manually turn on approved connections to resources that are permitted. The test-taker is required to remove other technology from the area and demonstrate they are out of reach during the exam. The proctor will continue to observe the test-taker’s behavior throughout, completing multiple room scans if suspicious behavior suggests that other devices are being used while testing.


What can I bring to a PRONTO exam? Here’s what you’re Allowed to have available with you during your exam:

  • The printed 2018 British Columbia Building/Plumbing code book and any associated documentation included within the code book. Papers such as Ministerial Orders or code changes which are photocopies or printed copies may be loose, stapled, taped, or punched and inserted into the ring binding of the code
  • The Code may have notes and may have highlighting
  • The Code may have permanent or temporarily attached tabs such as Post-It notes
  • Blank sheets of paper and writing utensils
  • Printed copies of the plan set if applicable
  • Eyeglasses
  • Architects’ scale or ruler
  • Battery-operated calculator that is nonprogrammable, not capable of storing examination information, and has no ribbon or paper printing capabilities
  • Foreign printed language/English translation dictionaries, if needed

The following items are Prohibited:

  • “Smart” watch (i.e., Apple or Galaxy watch)
  • Any electronic device other than your computer (i.e. any second monitor or screen)

If you have any questions related to exams, please email us at info@boabc.org