BC Building Code Interpretation Committee

The BC Building Code Interpretation Committee  is comprised of the following stakeholders;
AIBC / EGBC / BOABC  / City of Vancouver

The purpose of the BC Building Code Interpretation Committee is to :

  • To facilitate province wide uniformity in the interpretation of the B.C. Building Code
  • To receive, discuss and evaluate interpretation requests from code users
  • To arrive at a consensus on the final wording of each interpretation for signature by the Chair
  • To disseminate the completed interpretations to code users

The committee is not time-sensitive, meaning it can not, and should not, be used to provide immediate site-specific interpretation.

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month with the intention of providing generic interpretations that can form a basis for greater conformity and consistency in code use and application.

The committee has developed an interpretation request form and a format for response. It can be accessed here. Interpretation Request Form

All requests will be acknowledged and results will be provided in writing. The decisions of the committee are made by consensus with each voting member in attendance having a vote.


Interpretation Committee Terms of Reference

2017 Voting Members


Teddy Lai
Michael Jaszczewski


Bob Heikkila
Barry Thorson


Patrick Shek
Bob Light – Committee Chair

Doug Vance (Plumbing Official)

City of Vancouver

Matthew Lam

Non-Voting Members

  • Joe Krevs – Secretary
  • Jun’ichi Jensen, Building and Safety Standards, Province of BC



1998 Interpretation Request Index

2006 Interpretation Request Index

2012 Interpretation Request Index