BOABC 2018 Education Conference

The Sheraton Vancouver Airport (Richmond)

We are pleased to present to our BOABC membership the BOABC November 27th – 30th EDUCATION CONFERENCE SCHEDULE.


Conference highlights include:

  • Two offerings of core Mandatory BC Building Code change education
    • Blue Session Offering running full day Wednesday 28th
    • Green Session Offering running Thursday 29th afternoon & all day Friday 30th
  • Industry Executives Panel (see further below for details)
  • Examinations at all Levels – full offerings on both Tuesday Nov27th afternoon & again on Friday Nov 30th morning – (all 8 BOABC Examinations inclusive of 2 levels of Plumbing Official examinations will be offered simultaneously at each of the exam sittings. (CPD POINTS will NOT be awarded for examinations sessions/writing.) Cut-off date for Exam registration is OCT27, 2018. REGISTER HERE for exams. Exam Registration is separate and apart from Education Conference Registration and is in this regard a separate payment for the exam only.
  • Supplier Sessions

The Human Factor – The ‘Human Factor” – The Essence & Importance of the ‘soft skills’ of business in Leadership, and the Management of Employees and Teams 

This seminar is targeted at those in leadership roles who manage staff, or those that see this role in their near-term career trajectory.  In this engaging and experiential session learn to assess, develop and enhance your leadership and management competencies.


(not eligible for CPD PTS)


  • Level 1 – Exam1 – 3.5 hrs Exam2 – 1.5 hrs
  • Level 2 – Exam5 -3 hrs Exam6 – 3 hrs
  • Level 3 – Exam7 – 2.5 hrs Exam8 – 2.5 hrs

Exam9 – 2 hrs Exam10 – 2 hrs


  • Levels 1 – 2 hours
  • Level 2 – 2 hours

BOABC  Members Reception

  • In addition to the registration kit that you will receive upon arrival, registration includes a pass to the BOABC Hosted Members Reception complete with 2 free drink tickets on the evening of Wednesday November 28th.


  • CPD POINTS – As you know, all BOABC members are required to achieve 10 Continuing Professional Development Points during each calendar year in order to continue their Certification Levels. Please pay particular attention to the Education Conference Schedule for the CPD PTS that will be awarded for any given session.



10:15am – 1:15pm NOVEMBER 29, 2018 @ the SHERATON VANCOUVER AIRPORT

Registration for this event will be free for any Education Conference registrant who has registered for one full day or more. Invitations will also be sent industry wide for this event at $50 per head. We are expecting a significant audience.

Our Building Industry Executives Panel will take place from approximately 10:00am through to 1:00pm on Thursday, November 29th, 2018. There will be no competing Conference sessions running at that time. Given that the event will be held during BOABC’s Education Conference – running from November 27th – 30th, 2018, at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport (Richmond), we will have somewhat of a captive audience of paid up & Conference registered building officials in attendance. All Conference registrants may attend the Industry Executives Panel free of further charge (admission is included in your registration cost). In addition, invitations for this event will also be extended to the broader building community (architects, engineers, home builders & general contractors, municipal and provincial government employees, other association staff & members and the like) at $50 per attendee. Our intention is to host and hold a marquis event that will draw a good crowd and put on display the spirit and reality of collaboration from all angles in the building community. The audience will be treated to the addressing of issues from a number of different perspectives. During the process, the Panel will deliver to the audience substantive content & opinion, performance and humour. The setting is 2 sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes each with 6 panelists or 3 groups of 4-5 panelists etc for one hour each.

Confirmed panel participants include:

Moderator – Ben Mulroney CTV


Anne McMullin – President & CEO – Urban Development Institute
Neil Moody – CEO – Canadian Home Builders Association BC
Wendy Acheson – Vice President & Registrar – BC Housing
Bob Deeks – Principal – RDC Fine Homes
Ann English – Chief Executive Officer & Registrar – Engineers and Geoscientists BC
Andrew Pape-Salmon – Executive Director – Building Safety & Standards Branch GOV’T BC
Patrick Ryan – Head Building Official City of Vancouver
Mark Vernon – CEO – Architectural Institute of BC
Bob DeWit – CEO – Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association
Theresa McCurry – CEO – Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC
Tony Bartko – President – Building Officials Association of BC
Bob Heikkila – Principal CFT Engineering Inc.
David Tupper – Claims Analyst –  Municipal Insurance Association of BC
Chris Atchison – President – BC Construction Association

 Panelists and the Moderator will receive the topics & questions for discussion well in advance.

Not limited to the following, topics and questions for discussion will include broader and more strategic matters such as:

1 The importance of effective political advocacy and government relations to associations & their memberships

2 Are we as a ‘building community over-regulated?

3 Is collaboration amongst the various professions and forces in the building industry a necessity?

4 How do home builders and other contractors feel about the role that building officials play in the building community? In what ways can that role be improved and enhanced?

5 Does the world (does BC) need more Building Officials? What about attrition in the industry? How significant is recruitment?

6 How does the Building Act of BC and the relevant regulations attached to the Act affect your particular association/organization & its membership

7 The rules in Vancouver are different? Without affecting the Vancouver Charter & causing political upset, should we strive for consistency across the Province regardless?

8 Through legislation, regulation and an Administrative Agreement with the Province, the BOABC is in the early stages of moving into self-governance of building officials. What are the benefits & what is the significance of having self-governance in a profession? What can we learn from other professions as we move through these developments? Why is this also a good development for builders & how can the builders help?

9 What do you see as some of the most significant things happening in the building industry currently?  

10 Do you think we need more collaborative efforts to promote the building industry to the public – through collaborative public relations and marketing efforts that will focus on the connection of the building industry to public safety and ‘in the public interest’?

11 How can the industry speed up the processing and awarding of Development & Building Permits across the Province? Is that even necessary?