PRONTO Online Exams and Authorization


  1. Submit a BOABC Exam Authorization Form
  2. The BOABC Authorization letter will be returned to you by email.
    Once you are authorized, BOABC will notify ICC of your eligibility to test. You can purchase the exam as soon as you receive the email indicating that you have been authorized to take an exam.
  3. To schedule your exam after you have been pre-authorized, you will register via the ICC Pronto Portal at:

FIRST TIME USERS – Must create your own login username and password.

Registration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You must have the following information available at the time you are registering:

  • Exam ID and (Exam ID and titles are located on the Examination Authorization Form)
  • Your full legal name, address, and home and work telephone numbers as found on valid (not expired) Government issued Identification.
  • Your credit card or payment information

After payment is made and the exam has been successfully granted, you will select the “Take Exam” button in my ICC in order to launch the exam on demand.


    If you have tested previously with ProctorU, it is recommended you test your system by clicking on the “Test it Out” button prior to agreeing to the terms and conditions.
    If you have not tested previously with ProctorU, you must book your first exam prior to testing your system. If you need to test your system prior to exam day, follow the instructions below for booking your exam and then withdraw the examination prior to the
    examination launch. Instructions for withdrawing your examination are below.
    Note: If you do NOT withdraw your examination and miss your appointment, you will be considered a “no show” and will forfeit your exam fee.  For further instructions, please refer to the Candidate Instruction Manual found here BOABC Candidate Instruction Manual
    There is an exam use tutorial available for all users. You can access this anytime you enter your account. You can take this tutorial before scheduling an exam, as a refresher, as many times, whenever you would like.
    It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you take the time to get familiar with the exam through this option, prior to taking an exam!!
    The test proctors will be online to monitor you during the exam and will be available to ask questions about the process if necessary. Test proctors cannot discuss contents of the exam or reference materials with a candidate.

    1. You will be connected to a live, online proctor, who will ask to see the front and back of your approved identification to authenticate.
    1. The proctor will ask you to conduct a full scan of the room with your webcam (ceiling, floor, 360-degrees, etc.); if unauthorized material is seen, proctor will direct you to remove these (including cell phones). You must be in an enclosed room with no other individuals present in the room. The online proctor is available throughout the duration of the exam via live chat and video.
    1. The online proctor will also do a desktop scan of your computer to ensure any third-party applications or windows outside of the exam are closed and will not be accessed during the exam.
    1. After the authentication process, approval of area, approval of the desktop and confirmation of the exam to be taken, you may begin the exam.
    1. The proctor will then launch the exam interface and will remain connected via webcam, audio and text throughout the duration of the exam. If the proctor notices errant behavior, the proctor can pause the exam and either notify you to stop or can discontinue the exam.
    1. At end of exam, you will click the “Submit Exam” button in order to complete your exam. You will then receive immediate feedback on the pass/fail result of the exam. The proctor will then close the exam window and disconnect from your computer.  Your examination administration is not over until the proctor disconnects from your computer. If you choose to leave the examination administration before the proctor has disconnected from your computer, your examination results may be invalidated by ICC.
    During the exam you are not permitted to write or mark in your code book. You will also not be permitted to leave the exam room.

    What can I bring to a PRONTO exam?

    Here’s what you’re allowed to have available with you during your exam:

    • The printed 2018 British Columbia Building/Plumbing codebook and any associated documentation included within the code book. Papers such as Ministerial Orders or code changes which are photocopies or printed copies and may be loose, stapled, taped, or punched and inserted into the ring binding of the code.
    • Blank loose papers.
    • The Code may have notes and may have highlighting.
    • The Code may have permanent or temporarily attached tabs such as Post-It notes.
    • Eyeglasses,
    • Architects’ scale or ruler
    • Battery-operated calculator that is nonprogrammable, not capable of storing examination information, and has no ribbon or paper printing capabilities
    • Foreign printed language/English translation dictionaries, if needed
    • Printed plan set associated with the examination – if applicable
    • Writing utensils

    The following items are prohibited:

    • “Smart” watch (i.e., Apple or Galaxy watch)
    • Any electronic device other than your computer (i.e. any second monitor or screen)j