Qualification Application Requirements

Under the Building Act (Act), an individual must be registered as a qualified building official before making decisions about building regulations on behalf of a local authority.

The building official in-training or trainee classification is one type building official qualification established under the Act.  It was established to help municipalities and other local authorities meet the mandatory qualification requirements for building and plumbing officials that come into force under the Building Act on February 28, 2021.

The building official in-training classification can help individuals start their career as a building or plumbing official.  It can also assist existing building and plumbing officials who want to achieve higher levels of qualification or require some additional time to complete their final qualification exams after February 28, 2021.

To be eligible for registration as a building official in-training, an individual must:

  • hold the required standard qualification if applicable;
  • pass the trainee exam;
  • submit an application to the Association;
  • submit a training plan to the Association; and
  • pay the applicable fee.

Additional information about the building official in-training classification can be found here.  If you have additional questions or require more information, please contact the Association at info@boabc.org or 604-270-9516.


Applicants for the building official in-training classification must complete the application below after successfully completing the trainee exam.  Once the application form is submitted, it is reviewed by Association office staff and then the Registrar.  Office staff may contact you to gather additional information about your application or request revisions to the training plan.  Applicants will generally receive a decision on their application within seven business days of it being received by the Association.

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    Qualification Details

    Level 1 – Building Official In-TrainingLevel 2 – Building Official In-TrainingLevel 3 – Building Official In-Training

    Level 1 – Plumbing Official In-TrainingLevel 2 – Plumbing Official In-Training

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