Building Act Information

The Building Act Guide provides information about the Building Act for local governments, building officials and those working in the building construction sector.  The guide is presented in sections and explains:

  • What the act is
  • How stakeholders are affected
  • Procedures that result from the act

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What Local Governments need to know about the Building Act

This guide, Section B1 of the Building Act Guide Series, explains how the Building Act affects local governments and other local authorities that enforce the BC Building Code and other provincial building regulations.

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Changes for Local Governments under Section 5 of the Building Act

This Appendix is part of a series of informational materials that form the Building Act Guide. It elaborates on the information provided in guide Section B1 – What Local Governments Need to Know about the Building Act – by providing more detailed information about changes to local governments’ authority to set technical building requirements.

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What Building & Plumbing Officials need to know

This guide, the short version of the B2 Building Act guide, explains how the Building Act affects building and plumbing officials, and provides an overview of the new qualification requirements for these occupations.

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