CPD Offering – Combustible Windows in Non-Combustible Construction

Presentation Topic: Combustible Windows & Façade Components in Non-Combustible Construction – Testing, Research, and Expanding Methods

Dates: October 12, November 16

Time: varies by date

Registration Fee: No Charge


CPD Eligibility: 1 point – Category A4

Presentation Overview:

We desperately need better energy efficiency from building enclosures, from both windows and insulated wall assemblies. Today, the best products and components to enable this are generally made from low conductivity materials. Most of these materials also happen to be combustible—at least, to some extent. Even so, combustible components such as cladding supports and window frames can be safely used in non-combustible construction. For new products that lead the industry for enabling better energy efficiency, a creative and careful approach is required for demonstrate safe use and code compliance. There is rarely a defined path to code compliance. Testing, engineering, and often fire code consulting is required by manufacturers or project teams.


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Cascadia Windows & Doors is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer, creating high-performance fiberglass windows, doors and cladding support systems. Included in some of the most exciting and award-winning construction projects across North America, Cascadia’s goal is to help revolutionize the energy-efficiency of modern buildings and drive the adoption of high-performance building products.

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Lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design.

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Excellence | Innovation | Sustainability | Efficiency | Integrity | Education

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