2024 Code Update Handouts of Changes

The BOABC gratefully acknowledges that this content has been developed with the support of the below individuals and with financial contribution from

  • Frankie Victor PL Eng, Principal, Andrew Harmsworth M Eng, P Eng, CP, FEC, Founding Principal and their team at GHL Consultants,
  • Maura Gatensby at AIBC,
  • Patrick Shek, P.Eng., CP, FEC
  • Members of EGBC James Munro and Grant Newfield with RJC Engineers and John Sherstobitoff with AUSENCO,
  • Jun’ichi Jensen, Acting Executive Director and his team at BSSB,
  • Calvin Gray, P.Eng and Chief Building & Plumbing Inspector at City of Victoria,
  • Ken Kunka, AScT, BCQ,
  • Keving Hicks, RBO and Chief Building Official with the City of Quesnel,
  • Marisa McLaws, BCQ with MAKE projects
  • Stan Dueck, RBO with the District of Sooke,
  • Zara Rockwell, RBO,
  • Manda McIntyre, RBO with the RDCK,
  • Andy Christie, RBO with the City of Kimberley,
  • Will Boone, RBO and Supervisor of plumbing officials and Doug Vance, RBO and Manager of Building Permits with the City of Coquitlam

You may find the Handouts of Changes for the 2024 Building & Plumbing Codes below. Please click on each link to open and view the changes.

Preface, Div.A, Div.B

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 9 – Accessibility

Part 9 – Fire Protection

Part 9 – Earthquake & Windloads

Part 9 – Radon

Part 9 – Footings & Foundations

Part 9 – Heat Transfer

Part 9 – Roofing & Cladding

Part 9 – Interior Finishes

Part 9 – Overheating

Part 9 – Energy

Part 10 – Energy