2024 Code Update Handouts of Changes

The BOABC gratefully acknowledges that this content has been developed with the support of the below individuals and with financial contribution from

  • Frankie Victor, Andrew Harmsworth and their team at GHL Consultants,
  • Maura Gatensby at AIBC,
  • Patrick Sheck, P.Eng.
  • Members of EGBC James Munro and Grant Newfield with RJC Engineers and John Sherstobitoff with AUSENCO,
  • Jun’ichi Jensen and his team at BSSB,
  • Calvin Gray at City of Victoria,
  • Ken Kunka with the City of Penticton,
  • Keving Hicks with the City of Quesnel,
  • Marisa McLaws with MAKE projects
  • Stan Dueck with the District of Sooke,
  • Zara Rockwell, RBO,
  • Manda McIntyre with the RDCK,
  • Andy Christie with the city of Kimberley,
  • Will Boone and Doug Vance with the City of Coquitlam

You may find the Handouts of Changes for the 2024 Building & Plumbing Codes below. Please click on each link to open and view the changes.

Preface, Div.A, Div.B

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 9 – Accessibility

Part 9 – Fire Protection

Part 9 – Earthquake & Windloads

Part 9 – Radon

Part 9 – Footings & Foundations

Part 9 – Heat Transfer

Part 9 – Roofing & Cladding

Part 9 – Interior Finishes

Part 9 – Overheating

Part 9 – Energy

Part 10 – Energy