Exams and Qualification Updates

This notice is to provide all qualified code officials with important updates and reminders:

  1. Qualifications:

All code officials will have until April 15, 2025, to complete their required code update training. This date has been updated to reflect the release of the online Building Code Update course anticipated for mid-April 2024.

  1. Exams:

The current qualification exams are based on the 2018 BC Building Code (BCBC). Updated exams based on the 2024 BCBC are expected to be available in August 2024. Individuals who want to write exams on the 2018 code should plan to do so before August 1, 2024. The Association cannot guarantee delivery of exams based on the 2018 BCBC beyond this date.

Anyone who obtains level 1 building or plumbing official qualifications, including trainee (BOIT and POIT) qualifications, after December 8, 2023, using one or more exams based on the 2018 BCBC must also complete the code update training.

For example, an individual who passes one of the level 1 exams based on the 2018 BCBC to become a level one building official, and then writes the other level 1 exam based on the 2024 code will still be required to complete the 2024 code update training.

  1. Building Level 1, 2, and 3 courses:

Updating of the Association’s online code courses is scheduled to begin this Spring and the updated courses will be released as they are completed.