Interpretation Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


B.C. Building Code Interpretation Committee


Establish and communicate uniform, generic, province wide interpretations of the B.C. Building Code in response to written requests from code users.

Voting Members:

The Committee will consist of 8 members with the following distribution:

  • 2 members representing AIBC
  • 2 members representing EGBC
  • 3 members representing BOABC
  • 1 member from the City of Vancouver

Non-voting Members: The Committee will include the following non-voting members:

  • 1 member from the Building & Safety Standards, Province of BC
  • 1 member from BOABC to act as secretary to the Committee


AIBC, EGBC,  & BOABC  representatives appointed by Council of their respective organization. City of Vancouver representative appointed by the City’s Chief Building Official.


Five members with at least one member from each of AIBC, EGBC, & BOABC.


Consensus of voting members is required for all interpretations. If consensus is not attainable, the interpretation will be tabled.

Term of Office:

Appointments will continue until a member resigns or is reinstated.

Selection of Officers:

The Chair is appointed by the members of the Committee.


Each Association will sponsor an equal number of meetings at no cost to the Committee. Member of the Committee may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses by their respective Associations.