New Part 3 and Part 9 Compliance Checklists

The beta testing period for the checklists is over and the edits have been finalized. The updated materials are available on the Energy Step Code website as listed below:

Part 3 Design Checklist

The Part 3 Energy and Zero Carbon Design Checklists are a voluntary Excel-based checklist for energy modellers and design professionals to be submitted to local authorities to verify compliance with the BC Energy and Zero Carbon Step Codes.

The tool gives industry and local authorities a consistent way to gather and review modelled performance characteristics of Part 3 Energy and Zero Carbon Step Code buildings at both the pre-construction and as-built stages.

Download the beta version of the new Part 3 Checklist and the user tip sheet under the heading 2018 BC Building Code Rev. 5, effective May 1, 2023 (beta).

Part 9 Design Checklist

The BC Energy and Zero Carbon Step Code Design Checklists provide a standardized report template for Part 9 buildings complying with Subsection 9.36.5., 9.36.6. or Section 9.37 of the BC Building Code.

Download the new Part 9 Checklist and the instruction manual for energy advisors under the heading Building permit date: May 1, 2023 to present.