Zero Carbon Step Code Updates

Introducing the Zero Carbon Step Code PowerPoint Deck

During the last Energy Step Code Council meeting on Mon Feb 13th, 2023, the Province revealed a first communications primer on the new Zero Carbon Step Code (previously referred to as Carbon Pollution Standard).

The Zero Carbon Step Code is a new addition to the BC Building Code that allows Authorities Having Jurisdiction to limit operational carbon from new buildings. While an optional standard at this time, the Province intends to make operational carbon limits mandatory over time, with the ultimate objective for all new buildings to be zero carbon by 2030. This first slide deck serves as an open-source document for industry and local governments to get a better understanding of why the standard exists, what it is, and what implementation could look like. Over the next few months, further resources for both industry and local governments will be developed and highlighted through the Energy Step Code Stakeholder Update newsletter.

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Zero Carbon Step Code Peer Cohort for Local Governments 

  • Step Code Office Hours – for local government staff who have questions about the May 1st, province-wide mandate of 20% more energy efficiency, a staff member from CEA will be available to answer questions and direct you to more resources. Pre-register for an appointment on April 6, 17, 20, or 24.
  • Step Code Lunch & Learn – to support local government staff and elected officials to do what it takes to update their bylaws and processes to be ready for the May 1st province-wide implementation of Energy Step Code changes and minimum requirements. This takes place Wed April 19, 2023 from 12 – 1pm PDT.